We are currently offering fully unrestricted software available now through August 30th, 2018, free of charge. We hope you enjoy the software and please feel free to offer any input you may have to improve our contribution to your time offshore. 

Version 1.012 list of improvments:

- Added functionality to save analyses, and view saved analyses
- Easier process for browseing for your boat's Log file and GRIB file directories
- Single GRIB and Stepped modes now automatically choose the most recent GRIB file making that analysis easier to complete
- The GRIB and boat LOG data gets prepared as soon as it is mapped to the software, and again when the analysis is run. This creates faster  and cleaner calculations for the analysis outputs.
- Link in software to take you to Model Accuracy custom weather page (if you have constant internet connection)
-Update magnetic deviation table for entire globe
-Example data from the website is already in the distribution package with properly set up times to load automatically on the first run. Simply download the software and it will complete an analysis automatically!
-Improved User Interface

Model Accuracy v1.1012 has an automatic feature allowing the downloaded version to already have the test grib and log files pre-loaded. This requires the user to only click "Analayze" to see the data computed.

The test data is available for download here for your use if you like, with the suggested time parameters.

To become more familiar with Model Accuracy before using real time while underway, we suggest you use the following parameters for the test Log & Grib data.

Analysis Start time:   2016/06/03 2030Z

Analysis End time:    2016/06/05 0400Z 

Analysis Granularity: 1 minute

Mast Height:              33 meters

Prepare Data:            (select) LOGs & GRIBs

Plot Data:                   (select) TWS & TWD & BAR



-- Navigation Software Requirements:
Expedition Sailing software  

-- Statistical Summary Viewing Capability Requirements:

Microsoft Excel (you will need to save the .txt output as a .csv for easy viewing)

-- Recommended System Requirements:

CPU: > 1 GHz
Disk space: 500 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.x, 10, Server 2008

-- Minimum System Requirements:

CPU: Pentium 2 266 MHz processor
RAM: 256 MB
Disk space: 200 MB
Operating System: Windows 7, 8.x, 10, Server 2008 (XP at own risk, not officially supported)