Model Accuracy sailing software compares both real time and logged instrument data to weather forecast GRIB files to provide statistical analysis and verification on which source of weather is the most accurate and why.

Real time while offshore, at the dock for post race analysis, or even pre-race with our NOAA weather buoy functionality, Model Accuracy helps the user understand trend errors in weather forecasts and provides the piece of mind that you are always navigating off of the most accurate source of weather.

Race Courses and Navigators who have used Model Accuracy sailing software

The Figaro TransPac Pacific Cup SoCal300 Ft. Lauderdale Jamacia

Rolex Fastnet Chris Branning Justin Shaffer Joe Goulet Warrior (Volvo 70)

Rolex Caribbean 600 Lending Club 2 Campbell Field Cabo Puerto Vallarta

Anderson Reggio Argo (MOD 70) Jan Majer Will Oxley Campbell Field

Carib600 2018 TWD Analysis.jpg

Model Accuracy can not only tell you which GRIB file source (ex: GFS, COAMPS, EC, ect…) is the best performing, it can providing ranks to all of your GRIB file sources. Additionally, Model Accuracy provides “calibration recommendations” to help you increase/decrease a forecast GRIB file’s true wind speed, and twist left/right its True Wind Direction to eliminate trend errors within even the best performing forecast source.


Supported software and log file formats:

Expedition Adrena NOAA Weather buoy Data

All GRIB files with .grb or .grb2 file extension